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Use these copy and paste resources to earn commissions through the Free Dog Clicker affiliate program. Please make sure that your promotions are in line with our Affiliate Agreement and if you haven’t signed up as affiliate yet go register for an affiliate account now.

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Use these emails to contact your audience and send visitors through your Free Dog Clicker affiliate links. You’ll get the best results if you add these emails to your autoresponder sequence. If you don’t have an autoresponder sequence then you can sign up for an account with Aweber.

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Use these banners on your website to send your visitors through your 123 dog training affiliate links. You’ll get the best results if you put these banners near the top right of your website so they will be visible even if your visitors don’t scroll down the page.

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Pricing and Commission

Here’s what you could make based on the commission structure after the customer has intially purchased a $7 trial the total price value is $74. No sales are guaranteed.

  • 1 sale @ 60% X $74 = $44.4
  • 2 sales @ 60% X $74 = $88.8
  • 5 sales @ 60% X $74 = $222
  • 10 sales @ 60% X $74 = $444

Thank You

Thank you for promoting us through the 123 dog training affiliate program,

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